Project Builder 51 & 251

(#2431) Project Builder 51 & 251

Project Builder 51 & 251

Development Kits for the MCS® 51 & MCS® 251

  • Complete Integrated Development Environment for Windows
  • Target board for MCS® 51or MCS® 251
  • Demo Assembler & C Compiler
  • MCS® 51or MCS® 251 Simulators
  • Configurable debugger which is retargetable to your prototype
  • ApBUILDER, the System expert programming Tool
  • Configurable "Make" utility
  • Hypertext technical manuals
  • CAD schematics & library
  • Timing analysis Software & library
  • Available with Fuzzy Logic Software Ordering Information:
    Order Codes:
    For MCS® 51FX:

    For MCS® 251:
    Binary/Page Mode
    Source/Page Mode



    Product Information

    Project Builder 251 and Project Builder 51FX are low cost kits that are designed to give design engineers a simple set of the hardware & software tools. However, it is not meant to be used as a development tool such as a commercial Emulator. These turn key kits save you design time and reduce your learning curve by providing tools for every stage of the project design cycle. The Target Board offers maximum design flexibility to operate as a code development platform as well as a stand alone system to use in your prototype. It was even designed to use Intel's new Boot Block FLASH memory for operation in the stand alone mode . The Project Builder Kits include a complete Integrated Development Environment for Windows, commanding a powerful line of systems tools, including Project Maintenance and graphical Program Analysis. Not only does this save you development time but it's simulated multitasking environment allows you to create, suspend, resume, kill and monitor foreground and background tasks. You can even perform other work while in the process of running a compile.

    Hardware Features

    The Target Board offers the following features:

    Software Features

    Reduced Instruction Set Monitor (RISM):

    Intel Technical Documentation:
    Intel's System Expert -- ApBUILDER Interactive Programming Software:
    Evaluation version of Production Languages Corporation's COMPASS/251 Integrated Development Environment Software for Windows:
    Evaluation version of Protel Technology's Advanced Schematic viewer software:
    Evaluation version of Chronology Corp.'s Timing Viewer software:
    System Requirements:

    PC with DOS & Windows 3.1 or higher
    RAM: Minimum to run Windows. 2 MB or above

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