82596DX AND 82596SX High-Performance 32-Bit Local Areal Network Coprocessor

The 82596DX/SX is an intelligent, high-performance 32-bit Local Area Network coprocessor. The 82596DX/SX implements the CSMA/CD access method and can be configured to support all existing IEEE 802.3 standards--TYPEs 10BASE-T, 10BASE5, 10BASE2, 1BASE5, and 10BROAD36. It can also be used to implement the proposed standard TYPE 10BASE-F. The 82596DX/SX performs high-level commands, command chaining, and interprocessor communications via shared memory, thus relieving the host CPU of many tasks associated with network control. All time-critical functions are performed independently of the CPU, this increases network performance and efficiency. The 82596DX/SX bus interface is optimized for Intel's i386(TM) DX and i386(TM) SX microprocessors.

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