82595TX ISA/PCMCIA High Integration Ethernet Controller

The 82595TX is a highly integrated, high perform- ance LAN controller which provides a cost effective LAN
solution for ISA compatible Personal Computer (PC) motherboards (both desktop and portable), add-on ISA adapter boards, and PCMCIA cards. The 82595TX integrates all of the major functions of a buffered LAN solution into one chip with the exception of the local buffer memory, which is implemented by adding one DRAM component to the LAN solution. The 82595TX's new Concurrent Processing feature significantly enhances throughput performance. Both system bus and serial link activities occur concurrently, allowing the 82595TX to maximize network bandwidth by minimizing delays associated with transmit or receiving frames. The 82595TX's bus interface is a glueless attachment to either an ISA or PCMCIA version 2.0 bus. Its serial interface provides a Twisted Pair Ethernet (TPE) and an Attachment Unit Interface (AUI) connection. By integrating the majority of the LAN solution functions into one cost effective component, production cost saving can be achieved as well as significantly decreasing the design time for a solution. This level of integration also allows an 82595TX solution to be ported between different applications (PC mother-boards, adapters, and PCMCIA IO cards), while maintaining a compatible hardware and software base. This results in further savings in both hardware and software development costs for manufacturers expanding into different applications i.e., an ISA adapter vendor producing PCMCIA IO cards, etc.

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