87C196LB CHMOS 16-BIT Microcontroller

The 87C196LB is a high-performance 16-bit microcontroller with integrated support for the J1850 communication protocol.
The 87C196LB is composed of a high-speed core with the following peripherals: an asynchronous/synchronous serial I/O port (8096 compatible) with a dedicated 16-bit baud-rate generator; an additional synchronous serial I/O port with full duplex master/slave transceivers; a six-channel A/D converter with sample and hold; a flexible timer/counter structure with prescaler, cascading, and quadrature capabilities; six modularized, multiplexed high-speed I/O for capture and compare (called event processor array) with 200 ns resolution and double buffered inputs; and a sophisticated prioritized interrupt structure with programmable peripheral transaction server (PTS). The clock doubler circuitry and oscillator output signal enable a 4 MHz resonator to achieve the same internal clock speed as a more costly 8 MHz resonator in previous applications. This same circuitry can drive other devices where a separate resonator was required in the past. Another cost-savings feature is the fact that the I/O ports are driven low at reset, avoiding the
need for pull-up resistors.

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