AP-717 Migrating from the 8XC196NP or 8XC196NU to the 80296SA

The 80296SA controller is the latest addition to the MCS ® 96 controller family. The 80296SA was the first core redesign
since the 8x9x controller was moved from an HMOS process to a CMOS process in 1986, creating the 8xC196KB. The core
redesign means that the 80296SA microcontroller started from a blank drawing board, enhancing its performance while maintaining binary code compatibility with earlier MCS 96 controllers. The 80296SA is pin compatible with the 8xC196NP and 8xC196NU, so you can place the 80296SA into a socket designed for its predecessors. The 80296SA has a four-stage pipelined architecture: fetch, decode, read-execute, and execute-write stages.

The 80296SA exhibits improved math performance over the previous architectures, making it more suitable for embedded
digital signal processing. It can perform 12.5 DSP MIPS and 16 general-purpose MIPS. The DSP MIPS value is calculated
using the multiply-accumulate (MAC) execution time on register-to-register operations (two state times). The general-pur-pose
MIPS value is calculated using peak operation for best instruction execution time (one state time). New instructions were added to increase the controller's math performance for digital signal processing applications. Also, instruction exe-cution times are significantly reduced in comparison to the previous MCS 96 controllers. For example, a two-operand mul-tiplication operation using direct addressing is reduced from sixteen to three state times. This reduction helps increase the performance.

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