AP-248 Using The 8096

High speed digital signals are frequently encountered in modern control applications. In addition, there is often a requirement for high speed 16-bit and 32-bit precision in calculations. The MCS(R)-96 product line, generically referred to as the 8096, is designed to be used in applications which require high speed calculations and fast I/O operations. The 8096 is a 16-bit microcontroller with dedicated I/O subsystems and a complete set of 16-bit arithmetic instructions including multiply and divide operations. This Ap-note will briefly describe the 8096 in section 2, and then give short examples of how to use each of its key features in section 3. The concluding sections feature a few examples which make use of several chip features simultaneously and some hardware connection suggestions. Further information on the 8096 and its use is available from the sources listed in the bibliography.

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