AP-475 Using the 8XC196NT

The 8XC196NT can address 1 Mbyte of linear address space which is beyond the standard MCS(R)-96 64 Kbyte address space. Many applications require much memory whether it be from large code sizes due to high level language compilation or from large data tables. The standard MCS-96 family member has 16 address lines which allow linear access to 64 Kbytes of address space. To accommodate a growing need for address space the 8XC196NT was designed with 20 external address lines. The 8XC196NT is an upgrade from the standard MCS-96 family member. There are many similarities and a few differences that must be noted. The same peripheral set exists on the 8XC196NT as on the 8XC196KR. The peripherals on the 8XC196NT and the 8XC196KR are more advanced than the peripherals on the 8X96BH, 8XC196KB, 8XC196KC and 8XC196KD. The instruction set is a superset of the MCS-96 family containing special extended addressing instructions. The bus controller on the 8XC196NT hasnew modes which allow for slower memories to be uti- lized resulting in cost savings. An extended address port (EPORT) adds 4 more address lines to the external bus. The EPORT can also be used as an I/O port if the extended address lines are not needed.

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