87C196CA/87C196CB 20MHz Advanced 16-Bit CHMOS Microcontroller with Integrated CAN 2.0

The 87C196CA/CB are new members of the MCS(R)96 microcontroller family. These devices are based upon the MCS 96 Kx/Jx microcontroller product families with enhancements ideal for automotive and industrial applications. The CA/CB are the first devices in the Kx family to support networking through the integration of the CAN 2.0 (Controller Area Network) peripheral on-chip. The 87C196CB offers the highest memory density of the MCS 96 microcontroller family, with 56K of on-chip EPROM, 1.5K of on-chip register RAM, and 512 bytes of additional RAM (Code RAM). In addition, the 87C196CB provides up to 16 Mbyte of Linear Address Space. The 87C196CA is a subset of the CB, offering 32K of on-chip EPROM, up to 1.0K of on-chip register RAM, and 256 bytes of additional RAM (Code RAM).

464094 bytes

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