Glossary of Terms

Application Brief
Describes how to achieve a specific task or tasks with a component. The information provided may be general or incomplete, being more of a hint about the sort of thing you can do rather than detailed instructions for doing it. Application briefs are "how to" information. While they may contain technical details about components, they should not duplicate information in Datasheets or reference manuals. They should include only the architectural information needed to understand the application.

Architecture Overview
Architectural overview information describes the conceptual and functional aspects of a component or family of components, including block diagrams, data flows, processing algorithms, and the like.

Contains the technical specifications for a component or family of components. May contain an "architectural overview" section that describes the design of the component. Does not contain "how to" information. May include packaging information.
Must contain a description of electrical characteristics to qualify as a Datasheet.

Design Examples
Contains Intel and third-party documents needed to use Intel components in specific applications. May include "Product Briefs" and other marketing brochures, "Datasheets," "Application Notes," unique content.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
Reference information providing questions and answers to common questions that may exist with respect to product overview and design.

Packaging Data
Describes component packaging options. Packaging data is often intended to remove the need to duplicate packaging information in Datasheets.

Non-product-specific information about a general subject related to Intel’s business or technology.

Performance Brief
Contains specific technical information about the performance characteristics of a component or family of components.

Product Brief
Contains general, somewhat technical information about a product or family of products.

Specification Update
Document containing revised information about existing documents and products. Contains all or some of the following sections: General Information, Specification Changes, Errata, Specification Clarifications, Documentation Changes.

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