Welcome to Developers' Insight
The goal of this portion of Intel's Web site is to help you, the hardware or software engineer, find the technical information you need about Intel products and technology as quickly and painlessly as possible. We hope the information here helps you not only get your current project out the door quickly, but opens the door to new possibilities for your next one.

We hear you.

Of thousands of e-mails Intel gets each month, a large percentage come from engineers. We appreciate your advice and feedback and have tried to learn from it. Here's some of what we heard:

  1. I couldn't find what I'm looking for.
  2. I don't like the organization.
  3. Too many big graphics.
New Site Philosophy

Four Clicks to Facts
With over 20,000 files, it's not possible for every piece of information to be only one or two clicks away. However, almost all the information can be found in four or five clicks. To accomplish this, the tradeoff is that you might be offered 20 menu choices.

Function over Form
We had to choose between fancy animations with rich, beautiful graphics vs. smaller, simpler files. We chose the latter. However, since most of you have reasonably fast connections, we didn't eliminate all graphics.

In particular, we needed to make a choice on resolution. Based on feedback gathered from many of you over the last year, we designed this section for 600 x 800 screen resolution. To accommodate this option, you'll need to set your browser's print orientation to landscape.

While viewing our site you may find that you need to download a software utility or the latest version of your favorite browser. You can find these in the Multimedia & Internet Toolkit.

Frame Functionality without the Frames
We strived to achieve most of the benefits of frames without the associated navigation problems. The resulting benefit is a consistent organization across hundreds of Intel products and technologies.

We appreciate the time you've taken to fill out our various surveys as well as give us feedback. We'll continue to use these as a key source of improving this site. We're sorry we can't implement every suggestion; however, every response is read and we respond to most.

Our Commitment
Our team is committed to making Developers' Insight the best resource in the industry. To this end, we'll be including the following areas:

We know most of you come looking for something specific. However, we hope you'll take some time to look at other products or technologies as well and perhaps discover something new and useful for you or your company.

The best way to stay in touch with the latest developments in your chosen areas. With the companion e-mail service, Info@Intel, the information is delivered right to your mailbox. Best of all, registration for Custom News For You will soon be the only registration you'll need for all of Intel!

If you can't find what you're looking for, newsgroups are great places to get answers either from Intel support engineers or your own contemporaries across the industry.

We've added a special option just to search the developer area and will continue fine tuning the search engine to ensure the best possible results.

Please keep sending us your feedback on the new Developers' Insight. We'll continue to use it as our guide as we work to improve the site.

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